‘Snail Bob 2′ FREE is released!
May 26th, 2016

Today we released FREE version of ‘Snail Bob 2′ on the AppStore.

So now we have two versions of ‘Snail Bob 2′:
1. Paid Deluxe version with no ads.
2. Free version with ads.
And you can choose the one you prefer.
Thanks in advance for your reviews and ratings!

P.S. Apple featured ‘Snail Bob 2′ free version in 117 countries. Yahoo!



Heidi #
  • Hi there. Do you have any plans for more snail bob games in the apps?

    My snail bob 2 is no longer working. Keeps crashing upon opening the app. Any ideas how to fix it? I have deleted and reinstalled.


  • OK!I add The original “Snail Bob 2″ in my game site “Netrogene.com”

  • Elisha #
  • Hi I love these games but I only have Amazon devices and the only game on there for free is Snailbob 2 please could you update i, it says the next chapter should of came out in 2016 but it’s nearly 2019

  • Сергей #
  • Добрый день. Я купил игру в AppStore, но после переустановки она снова просит оплатить её((((

  • Tommaso grella #
  • The game is awesome

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